CSHZ-01 Lt. Colonel Wade Hampton III



Wade Hampton III (March 28, 1818-April 11 1902) was a Confederate military officer during the American Civil War and politician from South Carolina. He came from a wealthy planter family.
When the war began he resigned from the South Carolina Senate and enlisted as a private in the South Carolina Militia. The governor of South Carolina was to insist that Hampton accept a Colonel’s commission, although with no military experience, it was regarded that his years of managing plantations and serving in state government were considered signs of leadership.
Hampton was to organize and partially finance the unit known as “Hampton’s Legion”, which consisted of six companies of infantry, four of cavalry and one battery of artillery.

Hampton’s first combat came at the First battle of Manassas where he deployed his legion at a decisive moment, reinforcing a confederate line that was retreating from Buck Hill, which gave the brigade of Thomas J. Jackson time to reach the field and make his defensive stand.

Hampton’s Legion was an American Civil War military unit of the Confederate States of America, organized and partially financed by wealthy South Carolina planter Wade Hampton III. Initially composed of infantry, cavalry, and artillery battalions, elements of Hampton’s Legion participated in virtually every major campaign in the Eastern Theater, from the first to the last battle.
A legion historically consisted of a single integrated command, with individual components including infantry, cavalry, and artillery. The concept of a multiple-branch unit was never a practical application for Civil War armies and, early in the war, the individual elements were assigned to other organizations.