ROM-EN007 Ancient Briton Chariot with 2 Crew


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Featuring a British chariot with 2 crew in a somewhat terrifying combination – if you were a Roman legionnaire facing them!
Julius Caesar made 2 expeditions to England but did not stay long enough to establish a colony or long term settlement. The main invasion of Britain was carried out some 90 years later in 43 AD. The Romans were unfamiliar with chariots employed as a fighting tool, which must mean they had died out within other parts of the Roman empire as a fighting platform by then? However the Britons in their chariots certainly had an impact on Caesar who wrote the following:
“Their mode of fighting with their chariots is this: firstly they drive about in all directions and throw their weapons and generally break the ranks of the enemy with the very dread of their horses and the noise of their wheels; and when they have worked themselves in between, the troops of horse leap from their chariots and engage on foot. The charioteers in the mean time withdraw some little distance from the battle, and so place themselves with the chariots that, if their masters are overpowered by the number of the enemy, they may have a ready retreat to their own troops. Thus they display in battle the speed of horse, the firmness of infantry; and by daily practice and exercise attain to such expertness that they are accustomed, even on a declining and steep place, to check their horses at full speed, and manage and turn them in an instant and run along the pole, and stand on the yoke, and thence betake themselves with the greatest celerity to their chariots again.”