ROM-EN011 Carthaginian War Elephant


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The Carthaginian Republic was one of the oldest and largest states in the Ancient Mediterranean arena. The Carthaginians fought several wars with her neighbor, Republican Rome, the third one in 146 BC culminating in their downfall. Prior to that the Carthaginians had fought bravely with Hannibal conducting a 15 year reign of terror on the Roman mainland, but crucially unable to bring Rome to the negotiating table. Scipio Aemilianus was able to launch an all out assault on the capital city Carthage, the final result being the city burnt to the ground and the 50,000 surviving inhabitants sold into slavery. Rumor has it that the soil where the city once stood was sown with salt, as a message to any other rebellious states that this would also be their fate if they sought to take on the might of Rome.

This first Carthaginian piece is a magnificent elephant beautifully decorated, with 3 crew figures and more Carthaginians to follow including Hannibal later on this year.

Limited Edition of 100.