RRBNJ-08 2 Grenadiers at Attention, The New Jersey Provincial Regiment



In 1755, a regiment of New Jersey Provincials (500 men), known as the Jersey Blues, joined Shirley’s expedition against Fort Niagara. The regiment was under the command of Schuyler. The expedition departed from Albany and slowly advanced towards Fort Niagara along the Mohawk River. By mid September, Shirley realised that Fort Niagara was too strongly defended and abandoned his project. He retreated to New England, leaving the New Jersey Provincials to garrison at Oswego. In December, the regiment was recalled to New Jersey where it took position on the frontier till next spring.
In the spring of 1756, the regiment was again on the northern frontier. It was divided into two parts, one garrisoned at Schenectady, while the other was placed under the colonel’s direct command. This latter detachment (500 men) was part of Shirley’s force which assembled in Albany in May. In August, when a French force under Montcalm laid siege to the complex of Oswego, 150 New Jersey Provincials were garrisoning the small Fort George. On August 14, when Oswego surrendered, the detachment of Fort George, including Colonel Schuyler, became prisoner of war and was brought back to Montr?al. A new enlistment in New Jersey compensated for these losses.