RRBNJ-02 2 Line Infantry at Attention #2, The New Jersey Provincial Regiment


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The Jersey Blues were raised in 1755, by the New Jersey provincial government. It was originally composed of five companies, and was sent to the northern frontier, to guard it against the French. They were known as the “Jersey Blues”, partly from the blue coats of the regiment, and partly from the similarlity of the uniform to that New Jersey used in the war of Jenkin’s Ear.
On April 4 1758, the General Assembly of New Jersey voted to increase the regiment to a strength of 1,000 officers and men, including 100 grenadiers. The New Jersey Regiment was the only Provincial Regiment to have a Grenadier Company.

These figures would also be suitable for the Battle of Fort Carillon, Ticonderoga, July 8th, 1758.