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Frederick George D’Utassy (November 26th 1827 – May 5th 1892) was an officer in the Union Army in the American Civil War who led the famous “Garibaldi Guard” or the 39th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment from 1861 to 1863. The flamboyant Colonel was court martialed in1863 for fraud and conduct prejudicial to military discilpine.

In June, 1863, it became part of the 3d brigade, 3d division, 2nd corps, and moved to Gettysburg, where it fought valiantly in the front of the left center, with a loss of 95 killed and wounded, the brigade losing six field officers killed or seriously wounded.
Three battle flags were captured by the 39th, a Mass. battery was recaptured, and the regiment received official commendation for its valor.