ACE-30 Sopwith Triplane, N533 “C” “Black Maria”, 10 Naval Squadron, Droglandt, France, June 1917


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The Triplane was famously flown by No. 10 Naval Squadron’s “B” Flight, better known as “Black Flight.” This all-Canadian flight was commanded by the ace Raymond Collishaw. Their aircraft, named Black Maria, Black Prince, Black George, Black Death and Black Sheep, were distinguishable by their black-painted fins and cowlings.
Black Flight claimed 87 German aircraft in three months while equipped with the Triplane. Collishaw himself scored 34 of his eventual 60 victories in the aircraft, making him the top Triplane ace.

On July 27th 1917, Raymond Collishaw achieved 2 victories in this triplane, which was one of only six Triplanes armed with twin Vickers guns.