AE088 Tutankhamun’s Mummy


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The welcome return of an Ancient Egyptian set complete with the bandaged body of the young king and the beautifully painted and decorated outer coffins.

Purchase BOTH AE086 and AE088 in one purchase and receive a free backdrop courtesy of King & Country!

To enhance the display of any the Ancient Egypt series, especially these two ‘Tutankhamun’ sets, King & Country has produced a unique and useful, full-color ‘backdrop’ accessory piece… FREE-OF-CHARGE!
Depicting scenes from life in the time of the Pharohs the full colour card can be folded neatly into a rectangular, open box-shape that represents a typical burial chamber of that era. Any of K&C’s Ancient Egyptian figures, but especially the two sets depicting the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, will work in this attractive setting. Adding some of the sturdy Egyptian Stone Blocks AE078 makes the scene even better! So, remember each of these two ‘Tutankhamun’ sets will be accompanied by one of these special ‘Tomb Backdrops’… with King & Country’s compliments!

Additional figures and diorama items are sold separately.