AG066-FL Persian Indian War Elephant with 3 Figures


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The Persians used War Elephants raised from Indian territories under Persian rule. They were trained by their “Mahout” (driver) who rode them into battle directing their movements. Other than the driver, other men armed with javelins and bows would ride in the tower on the back of the Elephant to launch missiles into enemy troops. As they were such large beasts their primary purpose was to strike fear into the enemy soldiers, most of which would never have seen such an animal. The results of using them in battle were mixed as they were difficult to control when panicked and were just as likely to trample friends as well as enemies.
At Gaugamela, Darius had 15 such elephants which were placed at the center of the Persian line where they made quite an impression on the Macedonians facing them.

First Legion has recreated the war elephant with a superb level of sculpting and incredibly intricate hand painting, particularly that on the ornate blankets and cloths which cover the elephants sides, head and rear, making this a unique and incredibly high quality piece.

This is a Limited Edition Special Collectors Set of only 110 pieces available worldwi