AND-102 Andalusian Castle Tower


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TOWER MEASUREMENTS: 4” depth x 4” length x 12” height (15” includes Flag)

The impact and early significance of castles in Spain can be measured by the fact that the noun “castle” (from the Latin castella meaning “castles”) forms the origin of the name of Spain’s historically most powerful kingdom: Castile. And the history of Castile –the land of castles– projects itself widely over the history of Spain.
Castles were not built only in response to hostility between Christians and Moors but also by Christian and Moorish rulers to control internal conflicts. They were also constructed by ambitious and rebellious nobles on both sides, especially in those areas far removed from immediate royal authority.

From an early date, the main defensive wall of Spanish, especially Muslim castles had square or rectangular towers. Christian fortresses were more likely to have semi circular towers, whose advantage was that they were better to deflect stones and arrows. The square tower still prevailed in Moorish castles into the 13th and even 14th centuries.
The “horseshoe arch” was another characteristic of Muslim castles, with the double horseshoe “Gate of Justice” the main entrance of the Alhambra fortress being a magnificent example.

OPTIONS: Shelf Backdrop as in picture, 4” depth x 32 ½” length x 12 ¼” height (15 ½” including Flags) -OR- Movie Backdrop, 4” depth x 31” length x 12 ¼” height (15 ½” including Flags). Additional items sold separately.