BBG118 The Winter STUG III


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As many collectors know the Sturmgeschutz ? more commonly referred to as the StuG? was Germany’s second most-produced armoured fighting vehicle during World War 2. Built on the chassis of the already-proven Panzer?, it replaced the Panzer turret with an armoured, fixed superstructure mounting a more powerful 7.5cm main gun. This was originally intended as a mobile assault gun for direct-fire infantry support. Later, the StuG? adopted in addition another role, similar to that of the Jagdpanzer… tank destroyer!
As secondary armament the StuG? mounted the tried and tested MG34 machine gun complete with protective shield. Approximately 10,000 StuG?’s of various types were built between 1942 and 1945 with the vast majority being supplied to the Wehrmacht. Small numbers were however sold to Finland, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain and Hungary. A few even turned up in Syria and took part in the 1967 Arab / Israeli War.
This “winterized” StuG? has been given by its crew a ‘winter whitewash’ coat of camouflage and could be placed somewhere in the Ardennes during the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944… or perhaps on the Russian Front in the latter half of WW2.

SPECIAL NOTE: Just 200 of this version are available and each one comes with a well-wrapped up vehicle commander scanning the horizon for any enemy activity.