BH-12(8) Moto-Tug #8, USS Bunker Hill


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The Aircraft Tug, or Moto-Tug was a small but powerful tractor which was employed on aircraft carriers during the second World War as planes became larger and more difficult to maneuver by hand around the crowded flight deck. The Moto-Tug had a small turning radius and was ideal for work maneuvering planes on the crowded and busy aircraft carrier runways.
Equipped with durable steel bumper, 45hp engine and double rear tires, the Moto-Tug was able to tow an approx. 1.8 ton payload.
This version DOES NOT come with a driver.

Please note these Moto-Tug sets include 2 pins for attaching the yellow tow bar. One of these is a spare pin.