CE-S01 Complete Commando Colour Party



This attractively-priced set includes 1 x RM Officer w/Sword, 2 x RM Officer w/ Flags, 1 x RM Sergeant and 2 x Royal Marines as escort to the Colours.

The ROYAL MARINES are the UK’s Commando Force and the Royal Navy’s own amphibious troops. Founded in 1664 they are one of the world’s oldest and most elite fighting forces and optimise Britain’s global military rapid response with the unique ability to handle a wide spectrum of threats and security challenges.
Since their foundation the ‘Royals’ have seen action in every corner of the world throughout the centuries, from the ‘Seven Years War’ all the way up to the more recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Their distinctive dark blue ‘parade dress’, as shown on these figures, is usually worn with the ‘Wolseley’ pattern pith helmet.
All of these new K&C marines are carrying the older L1A1 Self Loading Rifles with fixed bayonets which remained in British military service from the late 1950’s up until the early 1980’s.

This Bonus Set includes: CE041 x 1, CE042 x 1, CE059 x 1, CE045 x 1 and CE046x 2.