CE028 The Black Watch Pipes & Drums



This magnificent 13 figure set, laid out in its own large box contains the following…
1 x ‘Drum Major’
6 x ‘Pipers’ (which includes a ‘Pipe Major’)
2 x ‘Tenor Drummers’
1 x ‘Bass Drummer’ and
3 x ‘Side Drummers’

Points to note, all six Pipers wear the ‘Royal Stewart’ tartan and the black doublet jacket. All drummers and the Drum Major wear the regiment’s scarlett tunics and the traditional ‘Black Watch Government Tartan’. Although K&C has produced this 13-man set most military ‘pipes & drum’ bands are actually larger… Anywhere from 8-16 pipers and 4-6 side drummers which is why we have also made available more sets separately!