CE091 Yeoman of The Guard, Messenger Sergeant Major



One of several, very senior Non Commissioned Officers who can be easily recognized by the four, broad golden yellow chevrons on his right arm. In addition, this man carries a long, black baton to emphasize his rank and position in the hierarchy.

Special Uniform Note:
All four Yeoman carry the late Queen Elizabeth ? ‘Royal Cypher’ E?R on the front bodice of their uniform alongwith the four floral symbols of Great Britain; the rose of England, the thistle of Scotland, the leek of Wales and the shamrock representing Northern Ireland.

The Yeomen of The Guard form the personal bodyguard of the British sovereign and have been in continuous existence since their formation by King Henry ? in 1485.
Originally, they were responsible for the King’s (or sometimes Queen’s) safety on journeys at home or abroad and on the battlefield. In addition, they guarded his palaces, patrolled their precincts and perimeters as well as guarding all entrances and exits. They even, in times gone by, tasted the sovereign’s own food!
Today’s Yeomen of the Guard still wear uniforms that harken back to their formation during the reign of the Tudors and carry weapons that are distinctly similar to the same historical period.