CSHZ-02 Officer, South Carolina Zouave Volunteers


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Hampton’s Legion was an American Civil War military unit of the Confederate States of America, organized and partially financed by wealthy South Carolina planter Wade Hampton III. Initially composed of infantry, cavalry, and artillery battalions, elements of Hampton’s Legion participated in virtually every major campaign in the Eastern Theater, from the first to the last battle.
A legion historically consisted of a single integrated command, with individual components including infantry, cavalry, and artillery. The concept of a multiple-branch unit was never a practical application for Civil War armies and, early in the war, the individual elements were assigned to other organizations.

The South Carolina Zouave Volunteers formed company H of the infantry battalion of Hampton’s Legion. They adopted a grey jacked trimmed with blue, yellow woolen pantaloons, white canvas gaiters, and a red fez with dark blue tassels.