DD304 The Daimler MK. II Armoured Car

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This was one of the most successful British military designs of WW2. Conceived in parallel development to the Daimler “Dingo”Scout Car this heavier armoured car mounted a 2 pdr. Quick Firing cannon alongside a coaxial Besa 7.92 machine gun in the turret. Occasionally a Bren Gun might also be added atop the turret for anti-aircraft defense.
After the success of the “Desert” version K&C decided to produce a second one for Northwest Europe. Produced in typical British olive drab this new version is in the markings of 44 Brigade belonging to XXX Corps which fought all the way from Normandy through France, into Holland and finally all the way up to Northern Germany by war’s end.
This K& C model comes with an NCO vehicle commander belonging to the famous 11th Hussars.

After the D-Day invasion as Allied troops fought their way off the beaches and into the Norman countryside it was more essential than ever to have good reconnaissance ahead of your advancing forces to help seek out the enemy, their strength and their position. Specialized recon and scouting units used their own kinds of vehicles to help perform this vital task. One of the best vehicles used in this role was the Daimler Armoured Car …