FoB147 Gurkha Kneeling Firing Rifle


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This Gurkha adopts the second-most popular firing position.

“Aayo Gurkhali!” (The Gurkha Battlecry)
For more than 200 years, The Gurkhas, the fighting men from the hills of Nepal, have been loyal and brave soldiers of the British Army. Originally recruited by the British East India Company in 1815 they were first incorporated into the Indian Army in 1857 after The Great Mutiny. By the outbreak of WW2 in September 1939, 10 regiments had been formed, each of 2 x battalions. Following the evacuation of Dunkirk and the Fall of France in June 1940 another 15 x battalions were raised and, by the end of the war a total of 43 were in action.