FoB157 General Douglas MacArthur


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Standing in a typical “MacArthurian” pose the General wears his distinctive gold encrusted peak cap and holds his corncob pipe. A US Army Air Corps A2 Leather jerkin is worn over his tropical Khakis.

General Douglas MacArthur was one of America’s most famous and controversial military leaders of WW2. Already a 5-star General he had been Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army in the 1930’s before being appointed ‘Field Marshal’ of the Philippine Army in 1937 upon his official retirement from the U.S. Army.
MacArthur was recalled to duty as Commander of all U.S. Army Forces in the Far East following Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941. Following the successful Japanese invasion of the Philippines he was extradited to Australia in March 1942 vowing “I shall return” to the Philippine people.

In Australia he was appointed Supreme Commander Allied Forces, Southwest Pacific Area and led the fightback campaign of ‘Island Hopping’ which eventually led to Japan’s ultimate defeat in August 1945. He oversaw the occupation of Japan from 1945 until 1951. He also led the UN forces during the initial part of the Korean War (1950-53) before being removed from command for disobeying President Harry S. Truman.
By nature autocratic… he inspired great respect and admiration as well as great dislike and loathing by all who knew and worked with him.
An Australian WW2 General once said of MacArthur, “You will hear the best and worst of him… and both are true!”