ACE-27 Fokker Eindecker EIII, Fliegerabteilung 5, Smyrna Airfield, 1916 – Hans Joachim Buddecke


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ACE-27 The Fokker E.III was the main variant of the Eindecker (monoplane) fighter aircraft of World War I. It entered service on the Western Front in December 1915 and was also supplied to Austria-Hungary and Turkey.

Square markings weren’t applied to Ottoman aircraft until April 1916. Hans J. Buddecke’s Fok.E.III 96/15 was in standard Fokker Factory finish of clear doped unbleached linen fabric, with a clear varnish top coat to waterproof the fabric. The Iron Crosses and white cross field were over painted black leaving a 50 mm wide white square border in all six places, On the rudder the cross was over painted black forming a square. This was with Fliegerabteilung 5, located at Smyrna Airfield, Turkey, around April 1916.
It is written that Buddeke refers to his aircraft in his book El Schahin as “my yellow bird with the black threatening eyes”.