GGC-29 “Drink and Be Happy, For Tomorrow We Die” WWI Pilots


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Only 11 years after the Wright brothers pioneered flight, a young airman was as likely to be killed or kill himself in his flimsy aeroplane as be killed in action by the enemy. RFC pilots lived by the motto “live for today, tomorrow we die,” and their German counterparts were little different.

In 2013 a collection of 130 rare photographs, some showing German pilots from the First World War enjoying Champagne-fuelled parties was discovered. It is thought they were the possessions of a British soldier who acquired them at the end of the First world war, and were found by a man in Essex when searching through personal effects bequeathed to him by a relative. Many of the photographs show the men in various states of inebriation, several of them at Christmas time, drinking wine, Champagne, beer and schnapps.