GWG-05 Two German Tank Crew


Two German Tank Crew, Sturmpanzer A7V, 506 Mephisto

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Crews for the small German Tank Army were drawn from the various branches of the Army, all according to their usage: gunners from the artillery, signallers from the communications branch, machine-gunners from the infantry, drivers, mechanics and commanders from the motor troops. They had no special uniform or insignia, and used the standard field uniform. Neither did they have any special insignia, but used the ones of their original organizations. Leather patches were worn on knee and elbow. The German Tankers were also issued overalls. These were one-piece suits, made either in heavy cloth or in leather; they were normally restricted to drivers, and sometimes to the mechanics as well. They were often worn together with a low, padded, dome-shaped crash helmet. These overalls came with buttons and loops on the shoulders, to allow for the attachment of shoulder straps. German Tankers also used the same type of strange mailed face mask as the British, and often these masks seem to have been captured equipment.