IDF004 Israeli Officer with UZI


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This fast-moving Para officer is carrying the world-famous ‘UZI’ submachine gun. Israeli designed and built the UZI was used as a personal defense weapon by officers, artillery and armour troops as well as elite light infantry assault forces.
The UZI has also been a great military export success… delivered in large quantities to over 90 countries. From the 1960’s up through the 1980’s the UZI was THE most popular submachine gun for military, law enforcement and security forces around the world.

Special Uniform Note:All the K&C Israeli Paras are wearing the locally-designed and made olive drab combat uniforms. Some photos show Paras wearing a mix of French-made “Lizard” pattern combat suits but these were beginning to be phased out at this time. The fighting order worn by Israeli troops in ’67 still shows a ‘mix’ of American, British, French and Israeli items. Para helmets too were a combination of American and British steel helmets usually covered with netting.