LAH-S04 The SA Drum & Trumpet Section



This compact 7 x figure set contains three side drummers and three trumpeters led by a bellowing SA Drum Major. All together in their specially – designed box.

The Sturmabteilung (SA for short) was the Nazi Party’s original ‘stormtroopers’ and played a significant part in Hitler’s rise to power in the 1920’s and early 1930’s. Among their many purposes were providing protection for Nazi leaders and their party rallies and assemblies. In addition they also disrupted the meetings of their political opponents and this often led to violent confrontations on the street and other public places.
Another of their main functions was to intimidate and influence the German public at large by holding mass marches and parades in virtually every city, town and village throughout Germany. Wherever you lived or visited during those tumultuous years of the Nazis dramatic growth and development it was impossible to ignore alongwith the constant SA presence and threat.
In the forefront of any parade or demonstration were the Sturmabteilung’s own corps of musicians… Sometimes a full military-style band, more often a smaller self-contained group of drummers, trumpeters and usually led by a drum major who would announce the presence of the SA detachment.