LAH201 “One Hour After…”


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The Führer, clutching a badly bruised right arm walks together with Field Marshal Keitel, Luftwaffe Chief Hermann Göring and Head of the Reich Chancellery Martin Bormann on their way to see the wounded officers.
A handful of photos survive of this short walk which proved to Germany and the world that Hitler had, once again survived a deadly attack. This 4-figure set is based on one of the photos.

On 20 July 1944, a group of senior Wehrmacht officers attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler using a time bomb hidden in a brief case placed next to Hitler during a meeting at the Fuhrer’s headquarters in East Prussia. The bomb exploded, killing and wounding several top officers attending the meeting … It completely wrecked the room where the meeting was held … But amazingly, Hitler escaped with relatively minor injuries!
Just a few hours later he emerged, seemingly intact, to see the destruction for himself and visit those wounded in the blast.