LAH257 Leibstandarte Motorcyclist


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This black-clad rider is easily identifiable as a member of the LAH ‘Adolf Hitler’ by the white-belted accoutrements only worn by this, the premier regiment of the SS… and his ‘Adolf Hitler’ cuff title.

Following the Nazis taking power in Germany in 1933 one of their first moves was to enlarge and expand the power and size of the Schutz Staffel (the SS) especially the Fuhrer’s own bodyguard regiment, the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler.
Among the new units created was a company of motorcyclists who could accompany the leader’s motorcades as he journeyed throughout Berlin and the rest of the Third Reich as extra mobile protection.
These additional ‘out-riders’ could also be used as ‘Dispatch Messengers’ to pick up and deliver important papers and instructions on behalf of the Fuhrer himself and the Party.