BBA083 M1A1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun


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Two GI?s man this British-designed, US manufactured anti-tank piece. As one GI crouches ready with another armour-piercing round, his buddy sights the gun on an approaching German vehicle. The set also includes 2 additional ammo boxes.

On 16 December, 1944 Hitler launched a ferocious and unexpected thrust at the American lines facing the Ardennes Forest which runs through Belgium and Luxembourg.
Caught unawares the U.S. Army was at first pushed back almost to breaking point before rallying and putting up a fierce fight and bringing the Germans to a halt.
At the same time the Germans themselves began to run out of fuel (and reserves) and found themselves over extended and exposed to Allied counter attacks as the overcast winter skies began to clear and the dreaded U.S. and British fighter bombers once more took to the air…