NAP532a French Imperial Guard Chasseur a’ Cheval Standard – 1815-1813 Pattern


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Originally constituted as the Guides back in 1796 during Napoleon’s campaign in Italy, the regiment then became part of the Consular Guard and finally the Imperial Guard. It was second in seniority only to the Guard Horse Grenadiers. Among the four squadrons, a select 20-30 man detachment had a special assignment which was to personally escort the Emperor and act as his personal body guard. The regiment took part in many battles over the course of the Napoleonic Wars including their charges at Eylau and Somosierra, at Wagram among others and in many actions in 1812 where the regiment was decimated taking some 500 casualties throughout the campaign.

Those who know these regiment will know that they are among the most ornate and intricately uniformed regiments of the period. In striking green with a red pelisse and fur busby, they make for truly striking figures.

There are two options for the Standard, the 1805-1813 and 1815 patterns depending on if you want the figures for the Hundred Days campaign or earlier campaigns of the period.