NKE-15 Nubian Mercenaries, Battle of Kadesh



The country of Nubia was divided into distinct regions such as Yam, Irthet and Wawat, but all the peoples were known to the Egyptians as the “vile” Kush, which was the Egyptian name for the country.
These tribesmen were never any real threat to Egypt as they lacked any large scale organizations and were only at their best when actually fighting as auxiliaries in the Egyptian forces.
The success of the Egyptian infantry units was mainly due to the archery sections which were composed in the main, of Nubians.

Nubia had been conquered during the Middle Kingdom, but fell to the king of Kush in the Hyksos period and was finally re-conquered during the New Kingdom. This secured the southern frontier and controlled the Nubian gold mines. Nubia was settled with Egyptian colonists in forts and “temple towns” and governed by a viceroy.

Nubian troops had been an important part of the Egyptian army since the old Kingdom. Nubian tribes included the famous Medja who were regarded by the Egyptians as the best scouts and skirmishers. They were known for wearing leopard and lion skin kilts and had ostrich feathers in their hair.
The Medjway were very highly regarded by the Egyptians as they seemed to have a natural affinity for the military life.


These figures will of course be suitable for the Trojan War series as King Memnon’s army. Memnon was the King of the Ethiopians, who after the death of the Trojan warrior Hector, went to assist his uncle Priam, against the Greeks. He arrived with a great army, and performed prodigies of valour, but was slain by the Greek hero Achilles.
According to tradition, Zeus , the king of the gods, was moved by the tears of Eos and bestowed immortality upon Memnon. His companions were changed into birds, called Memnonides, that came every year to fight and lament over his grave.