NWMP003 Mountie Kneeling Firing Carbine



In addition to their red tunics the NWMP wore other uniforms and dress to suit their particular duties and environments. ‘Prairie Dress’ typically included a ‘buckskin’ jacket and oilskins for wet weather together with a wide-brimmed hat which eventually evolved into the famous ‘stetson’ hat design which is still worn today. Below the waist, close fitting navy blue trousers with a broad yellow stripe along both sides were tucked into long brown leather riding boots.
During the period our NWMP troopers depict it was common practice to carry both a carbine rifle and a revolver. The weapons selected for most of ‘Mounties’ included a version of the Winchester Model 1876 Carbine and as a side arm, either the .44 calibre Smith & Wesson revolver or the similar .450 calibre Adams. In addition, extra ammunition for both weapons would be carried on the pistol belt as well on a leather bandoleer worn over the left shoulder.
The force’s badge emerged around 1876 and comprised a buffalo or bison head surrounded by maple leaves and surmounted by a royal crown underneath which was the French motto “Maintien Le Droit” on a scroll which translates as ‘Uphold The Right’.
This same motto is still used by today’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police.