QBOAT-01 Quebec Landing Barge, Battle on the Plains of Abraham


Quebec Landing Barge, Battle on the Plains of Abraham

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The Quebec landing Barge, 1758 (c). This type of barge was used during General Wolfe’s landing at Quebec in 1759. It was developed around 1758 for use in seaborne attacks on French ports. Assault landing techniques were devised with the aid of Royal Navy officers, and as well as at Quebec, spectacularly successful results were achieved during the Seven Years War (1756-1763) at Louisbourg (Cape Breton, Canada) in 1758 and at the Spanish fortress of Havana (Cuba) in 1762.
The boat has 13 crew and 24 Grenadiers (available separately). Figures shown for scale purposes only.

The boat is produced in 3 main pieces, so that the set can be displayed on its own stand, or as a waterline model.
Captain James Cook the famous British Explorer was a young MASTER on HMS Pembroke during the Quebec Siege, and was placed in charge of organizing the Landing barges.

Dimensions of Complete Boat: 14 ½” Length x 14” Wide x 4 ½” Height.