SGEN-05 Aide De Camp, Continental Army, Battle of Saratoga


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AIDES-DE-CAMP during the American Revolutionary War were officers of the Continental army appointed to serve a senior commanding officer. They would serve with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
George Washington, as commander in chief, was officially assigned one military secretary, and three Aides-de-camp, (although he petitioned for 2 more), and also supplemented his command with volunteers. Casualties were common, throughout the war Washington used 32 different Aides-de-Camp.

Samuel Blachley Webb was wounded on October 28th 1776 at the Battle of White Plains, and on December 26th 1776 at the Battle of Trenton. Tench Tilghman served longer than any other Aide-de-camp, more than seven years although about half was served as a volunteer.

On the battlefield, the Aides-de-Camp were basically couriers, delivering their commanders orders on horseback and gathering or relaying intelligence on enemy troop movement.