SNY3-09 Two Line Infantry, 3rd New York Regiment



At the Battle of Oriskany the British loyalists under Major Stephen Watts, wearing their coats inside out tried to penetrate the American lines by pretending to be reinforcements from the 3rd New York Regiment at Fort Stanwix. They achieved this by reversing their coats, revealing their grey lining and green facings which were the same as the 3rd New York.
It was Captain Gardenier of Visscher’s Regiment at the American rear which spotted the ruse when one of his men went out to greet these “friends” and was promptly captured. Gardenier, armed only with a spontoon and sword, rushed forward and killed his man’s captor. Desperate hand to hand fighting followed between the loyalists and the American militia, as Gardenier shouted “they are not our men – they are the enemy! Fire away!”.
Both sides withdrew to recover, as three cannon shots were heard in the distance. Herkimer and his men knew instantly what this meant, that the 3rd New York at fort Stanwix had raided and sacked the loyalist camp. Already demoralized by heavy losses, the threat to their possessions persuaded the remaining warriors to leave, and with insufficient numbers to fight on, Johnson also decided to withdraw.