SP065 The Battle-Scarred Building


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This two-storey, brick structure is typical of industrial-type buildings that were built from the mid-19th Century until the first quarter of the 20th Century and could be found all over Europe…East and West.
In a wartime scenario, either WW1 or WW2, buildings like this one were utilized for all kinds of purposes. K&C has provided you with 4 great suggestions and a sheet of signs that could be attached permanently or temporarily to provide the perfect battlefield backdrop for both figures and fighting vehicles.
* The sheet includes signs and posters for the following:
1. German Field Hospital (either WW1 or WW2)
2. British Casualty Clearing Station (either WW1 or WW2)
3. Russian Factory (WW2)
4. French Auto Depot (WW2)

Collectors, of course, can make up their own signage to fit this really useful building.