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During WWII, ?Stars ?n? Stripes?, the newspaper of the U.S. Army was fortunate to have one of America?s finest cartoonists of the war in its ranks…Sgt. Bill Mauldin. Bill Mauldin, was most famous for his cartoons depicting ordinary GI?s during WWII…His two most famous creations were ?Willie and Joe? two battle-weary and bedraggled infantrymen who stoically endure all the many trials and tribulations (and dangers) of front line soldiering.
Here K&C depicts Bill in a typical relaxed pose, perched on a supply box, and sketching a pair of dog-tired, ?dog faces?, who could almost be the models for ?Willie and Joe?! Bill?s cartoons were wildly popular with the troops themselves but not so popular with some of the ?top brass?…Especially spit ?n? polish, blood and guts General George S. Patton.
Despite Patton?s dislike none other than General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of all Allied Forces liked and appreciated Sgt. Mauldin?s work and defended it against all comers.

This little 3-figure set is the King & Country tribute to a great cartoonist and all WWII American