USMC050(SE) “Eat this you sons of Nippon!”



A kneeling BAR gunner fires off a burst as his buddy pitches a grenade at the opposition… the third Marine hits the deck!

In addition to the regular U.S.M.C. in the Pacific during WW2, K&C are offering a Limited number of ‘SPECIAL EDITION SETS’ showing the ‘Leathernecks’ wearing a mix of Marine Corps ‘Frogskin’ camouflage jackets and pants with the normal USMC HBT Fatigue Combat Uniforms.
During the Pacific Campaign Marines would often ‘mix’n’ match’ with whatever was clean and available at any given time. These ‘SPECIAL EDITION’ SETS add an extra degree of authenticity and realism to any USMC collection. Grab’em while you can!