VN029-KC NVA Flagbearer


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Although an NVA regular this particular soldier is carrying the Viet Cong flag… VC and NVA regularly took part in joint operations against both ARVN and U.S. military units. This guy also carries an AK47 on his back.

North Vietnam began to send some of its regular NVA (North Vietnamese Army) units to fight in the south as early as 1959. They also encouraged and supplied the VC (Viet Cong) to step up their opposition to the ARVN (Army of The Republic of Vietnam) and the American forces. Compared to their opponents the NVA ‘travelled light’, carrying the bare minimum of equipment and essential rations.
Their weapons and uniforms were much more standard than their VC comrades. Most NVA wore simple, light-weight green khaki uniforms and the NVA sun helmet or cloth jungle hat.
Weapons-wise the majority of NVA carried the AK47 (either Soviet or Chinese-made), the Czech SKS Rifle and the ubiquitous RPG (rocket propelled grenade launcher). Tough, fast-moving and resilient NVA regulars even won the grudging respect of their Allied opponents.