WH103 The Scouts



This pair of Panzer Grenadiers would normally be moving in advance of the patrol seeking out the enemy.

These Panzer Grenadiers all wearing the M1944 uniform and carrying an assortment of weaponry as they prepare to take on the enemy.
By the autumn of 1944 the general appearance of most German soldiers had changed dramatically since the early victorious years of the ‘Blitzkriegs’ of 1939-1941.
Practical battlefield experience, raw material shortages and other wartime economies had brought forward the introduction of an all-new, much simpler, less fussy and far less expensive uniform closely modeled on the British Army’s own ‘battledress’.
At the same time other changes included short canvas gaiters together with M44 lace-up ankle boots and modified field equipment.
On the Grenadiers’ steel helmets are both the standard, late-war camouflage cover and the simple but effective ‘chicken wire’ net.