WS381(SL) PzKpfw. VI ‘Tiger 1’



Not yet released – expected in April 2023.

Presenting King & Country’s twentieth Tiger tank model and their best one yet!

This all-new, 1:30 scale K&C ‘TIGER’ enjoys ALL of these important advantages…


This great ‘Winter Tiger’ is in the markings the 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler the premier Waffen SS Division fighting in Russia in the winter of 1942/43.

Notice: Each model comes carefully packed in a special custom-designed, full-color presentation box complete with a numbered certificate limiting this edition to just 500 pieces.

The Panzerkampfwagen VI  better known as the ‘TIGER’ was one of the most powerful tanks of the Second World War… and, arguably, the most famous!

Conceived as a response to the heavily – armoured Soviet tanks the Germans encountered following their invasion of Russia in June 1941 the new ‘TIGER’ completely outclassed its Red Army opposition when it first appeared on the battlefield in 1942.

Its incredibly thick armour was almost impossible to penetrate by all existing anti-tank weapons of that time.  Mounting a tank version of the superb 88mm Flak 36 its combination of a flat trajectory with a high muzzle velocity and an excellent Leitz gun sight made it both powerful and deadly accurate!

The gun’s range was also significantly longer than any of its opposition allowing it to engage the enemy well before any opponent could return fire.

As a battlefield superiority weapon the ‘Tiger’ was to see plenty of active service from the scorching desert sands of North Africa to the frozen wastes of the Eastern Front and onto the lush, green fields of Western Europe and many points in between.

Although constantly upgraded its service life was relatively short… full scale production ceased in August 1944 as the ‘Tiger II ‘ came onto the scene.

Although enjoying many fighting advantages over its opponents the ‘TIGER’ also had more than its fair share of ‘disadvantages’ too…

It was heavy, around 55 tons and difficult to transport.  TIGERS needed a high level of support and maintenance and very experienced crews to operate the vehicle.

Overall reliability of the tanks was similar to that of its fellow ‘big cat’…  The Panther.

On the battlefield itself few TIGERS came to grief in direct tank-to-tank encounters with the enemy.  Most German losses were due to mechanical failure, lack of fuel or ammunition… and even aerial bombardment and attacks by Allied aircraft.

All of that being said the Pzkpfw. VI or ‘TIGER’ has a military reputation and fame that is second-to-none and has only grown and expanded in the many decades since the end of the Second World War.

For those interested  in the war, even with only a slight knowledge of the armoured fighting vehicles that fought in it, the one tank they everyone seems to know is… The ‘TIGER’.

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