Welcome to King & Country, a major designer and producer of all-metal, hand-painted 1:30 scale / 60mm toy soldiers, military and civilian miniatures in the world. We offer best-selling ranges such as Napoleonic Wars, Crusaders & Saracens, American Indian Wars – The Real West, First World War (Australian Lighthorse, Gallipoli Campaign 1915 and Lawrence of Arabia) and Second World War (D.Day’44 – American & British, Parade in Berlin 38, Fall of Berlin – German & Red Army, Royal Air Force, Battle of the Bulge – Americans & Germans, Wehrmacht, Operation Market Garden), Apart from these we also have new series including English Civil War – Pike & Musket, World of Dickens as well as Robin Hood.

What’s more, Streets of Old Hong Kong and Imperial China series authentically present the Chinese culture while Fields of Battle, Life of Jesus series also portray civilian life.

A mainstay of the collecting world, King and Country has been a popular line for over 30 years and is noted for quality and variety.