AP-02A Persian Spaabara Spearmen



These spearmen were often armoured with a quilted linen cuirass, and carried large rectangular wicker shields as a form of light manoeuvrable defence.
This however may have left them at a disadvantage against often heavier armoured opponents such as the hoplite, and the two metre long spear was not able to give the sparabara ample range to engage a trained phalanx with their longer 1.8-2.7 m dory.
The wicker shields may have also been not as effective as thicker wooden shields in prolonged melee combat. The Sparabara could deal with most other infantry, including trained units from the territories around the Persian empire.
The sparabara were supposed to be used in conjunction with Persian cavalry and chariots, which would attack from the flanks and rear.
The Battle of Marathon was an example where the cavalry failed to be deployed, which had catastrophic results.