BBA100 The Four-Man Patrol


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A small, four-man section moves carefully forward from their foxholes… During the night they could hear German voices and vehicles moving along a forest track near their dugout… Now they are going to investigate.
Led by an NCO (non commissioned officer) armed with a ‘Tommy Gun’, two riflemen, each cradling their M1 Garand rifles, and a B.A.R. man with his Browning Automatic Rifle head out for a ‘look-see’.

As per previous ‘Bulge’ GI figures issued last year, these new reinforcements are wearing their web fighting order on top of the standard ‘Enlisted Man’s’ wool overcoat complete with brass buttons.
This full-length, double-breasted overcoat was worn throughout the last winter of the war although a tad cumbersome when water-soaked or when the long skirts got caked with mud it was still generally well-liked by the troops themselves. Especially in the bitterly cold, freezing winter found in the Ardenness in December 1944.