CHK-02 Standard Bearer, 1st Cherokee Mounted Rifles



The 1st Cherokee Mounted Rifles was a Confederate States Army regiment which fought in the Indian Territory during the American Civil War.
It was formed from the merger of two predecessor units, the First Regiment of Cherokee Mounted Rifles and the Second Regiment of Cherokee Mounted Rifles. The first commander was Col. John Drew, while the commander of the second regiment was Stand Watie.

Brigadier-General Stand Watie (December 12th, 1806 – September 9th 1871) was a Cherokee politician who served as the second principal chief of the Cherokee Nation from 1862 to 1866. The Cherokee Nation allied with the Confederate States during the American Civil War and he was the only Native American Confederate General officer of the war. Watie commanded the forces in the Trans-Mississippi Theatre, made up mostly of Cherokee, Muskogee and Seminole. He was the last Confederate Staes Army general to surrender.

During the Civil War, Watie’s troops participated in twenty-seven major engagements and numerous smaller skirmishes. Although some of the engagements were set-piece battles, most of their activities utilized guerrilla tactics.