CWBL-02 Trooper, British Legion “Tarleton’s Raiders”



The British Legion was a British provincial regiment established during the American Revolutionary War, composed of British loyalist American infantry and dragoons. It was known as Tarleton’s Raiders after the British officer who led most of its day to day activities, Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton, and the green uniform coats. It was an unit the size of a regiment consisting of infantry, cavalry, and artillery, and able to operate independently.

The unit was raised in New York in July 1778 by Sir Henry Clinton in order to merge combined infantry and cavalry forces and a battery of light artillery. The regiment was commanded by William Lord Cathcart, as colonel.
Once the unit left New York, Banastre Tarleton was commissioned as Lieutenant colonel, and took full operational command. The Legion’s peak operational strength was approximately 250 cavalry and 200 infantry.