CWDEL-01 Officer & Drummer, Delaware Company



The main core of Morgan’s flying Army was a battalion of veteran Continentals. Three companies of the Maryland Line, and one company from Delaware. These were highly trained and disciplined, and formed the main line commanded by John Eager Howard. They were the best troops to engage in prolonged close combat with British regulars.

The Delaware Company was especially highly regarded, and most were survivors from the Battle of Camden. Their commander, Captain Robert Kirkwood, was also well regarded.
Their full regimental issued uniforms were dark blue with red facings, cuffs and turn backs. Waistcoats were white and more durable buckskins replaced the white cotton breeches, and they wore cocked hats trimmed with yellow braid. A black metal cannister which held forty extra cartidges was also added.
In October 1780, North Carolina, from its meagre stores, furnished the men of the Delaware company with new shoes, a hunting shirt, and blue striped ticking overalls. This was the uniform worn at Cowpens and subsequent actions, at Guilford Court House, Hobkirk’s Hill, the Siege of Ninety Six and Eutaw Springs.