HS003 Doktor Frederik Von Frankenstein


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From some horror movies that can be frightening… to one that is famously funny, ‘Young Frankenstein’. This was and is simply the best and funniest comedy /horror movie ever made! Directed by Mel Brooks in 1974 it tells the story of the American great grandson of the infamous scientist who is invited to Transylvania to claim his inheritance and family estate.

Filmed in black and white, ‘Young Frankenstein’ accurately echoes the look of the original 1931 horror movie complete with the same kind of vintage-style opening credits and even utilizes some of the original film props.
Playing the lead was comedian Gene Wilder who was the man who originally came up with the idea of making the film and persuaded his friend Mel Brooks to direct it.

This K&C portrayal of Dr. Viktor Von Frankenstein is a tribute to Gene, Mel and a very funny movie.