IDF038 ‘Golani Brigade’ Officer & Radioman



This 2-man set includes a kneeling radio operator carrying the standard American AN/PRC-25 field radio and is armed with the Israeli designed and produced ‘GALIL’ automatic rifle in the short-barreled version.
He also wears the standard Olive fatigue shirt and trousers with black leather combat boots and a Kevlar flak vest as well as the new Orlite infantry basic helmet which replaced the American M-1 helmet and the British Para helmets of earlier years.
The standing ‘Golani’ officer talking on the headset and studying his map is also wearing the new IDF helmet. In addition to his uniform the officer is wearing a British-style ‘Wooly Pully’ over his shirt.
He too carries the short-barreled ‘Galil’ assault rifle.

Special Note: All of these Israeli soldiers are wearing military-issue ‘knee pads’ which are doubly welcome in the hard and stoney landscape of the Golan Heights or southern Lebanon.