MAC-21 Thessalian Cavalry



The Army of the Kingdom of Macedon was among the greatest military forces of the ancient world. The Thessalians are frequently referred to as the best cavalry units in the Macedonian army. This is thought to be because they were raised from the aristocracy of Thessaly, and were the finest horsemen in the Greek world.

The Vanguard squadron was the Pharsalian ile, which formed Parmenio’s personal bodyguard on the left wing at Gaugamela. It was the Thessalians counterpart to the Royal squadron of the Companions.
The Thessalians were identified by their distinctive national cloak, which was identifiable by the two points hanging down both in front and behind the wearer. These cloak ends used to bellow out behind the galloping horseman and gave the cloak its Greek nickname of “Thessalian Wings.” Otherwise the details of dress are similar to the Companions.