NAP695 Polish Imperial Guard Lancers Standard Bearer



Here are the Polish 1st Light Cavalry Regiment of the Imperial Guard, the famous ‘Polish Lancers’.
Formed in 1807, the lancers took part in nearly every major campaign of the Napoleonic wars from the time of their formation until the battle of Waterloo in 1815. Perhaps their most famous action was on 30 November 1808 at the Somosierra Pass when squadrons from the regiment singlehandedly cleared the pass of 3,000 men and four batteries of Spanish cannon, clearing the road to Madrid for Napoleon and his army, an action which led to the regiment’s incorporation into the Old Guard.
Initially equipped with sabres, the regiment acquired their lances following the battle of Wagram. So legend has it, during their heroic charge at Wagram the regiment took the lances of Schwarzenburg’s Uhlans and used them to great effect subsequently during the battle. So much so that Napoleon supposedly said “Give them these lances, if they can use them so well.” These iconic Napoleonic cavalry are released in dynamic charging poses as befitting their many courageous actions throughout the period.