NM-18A French Spearmen, European Allied Infantry, Norman Army



Eustace II, Count of Boulogne (c. 1015 – 1087) also known as Eustace aux Grenons (Eustace with long moustaches) was the Count of Boulogne from 1049 – 1087. He fought on the Norman side at the battle of Hastings, and was an important participant in the Norman conquest of England. Sources vary regarding the details of his conduct during the Battle of Hastings, but it must have been significant as afterwar the battle he received large grants of land. It has also been suggested that Eustace was the patron of the Bayeux Tapestry.
French Infantrymen of this period that accompanied the Norman army at Hastings were armed with spear and shield, which were the standard arms of the general levy. The winged spearhead is derived from the Carolingian period, the function of the wings was to prevent the spear head from penetrating too far.